Supported OS
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The following table shows which version is tested. If you use it on a System which is not listed or an version which is LESS, please send an email with all datas I need to add a new line (see below).

OS WMF Development Reported from
AIX (4.2) WMF(0.8) gcc(2.7.2)
Data General (UX 5.4R3.10) WMF(0.6)
FreeBSD (2.1.15) WMF(0.8) gcc(2.6.3)
Irix (5.3) WMF(0.6) gcc(2.7.2)
Linux (2.0.0) WMF(0.6) gcc(2.7.2)
SCO WMF(0.8) gcc(2.6.3)
Sinix (5.41) WMF(0.8) gcc(2.6.3)
Solaris 2.5 WMF(0.8) gcc(2.6.0)
SunOS 4.2 WMF(0.6)

Last changes done 2000-07-30