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Date Version Description
1996-09-28 V0.1 Analyse emails and convert them to HTML.
1996-10-13 V0.2 Indexing (date, author, subject, thread)
1996-10-14 V0.3 Quote printable, URL hyperlinks
1996-10-19 V0.4 Support for xfaces.
1996-11-20 V0.5 Cleaning the codebase and writing manpages
1996-12-01 V0.6 Documentation, Licence (GPL) and first release to the internet.
1997-02-23 V0.7 Bug fixing, email hyperlink, support for more then one receiver (To:)
1997-03-11 V0.8 Bugfixing, small mime support, writing HTML docs for the homepage
1997-05-12 V0.9 Bugfixing, Base64, Uudecode, Attachment, Configfile, SCO mail support, HTML converter. Begin of freeze for V1.0.
1997-07-06 V0.91 Bugfixing
1997-07-24 V0.92 Bugfixing
1997-08-03 V0.93 Bugfixing und speedups
1998-01-03 V0.94 Bugfixing (thread index), message counter, line wrap, new directory structure
1998-02-07 V1.0 Frame support, Statistics
1998-02-20 V1.0.1 Bugfixing (Frame)
1998-03-16 V1.0.2 Bugfixing (thread and date index)
1998-04-02 V1.0.3 Bugfixing, Y2K review
1999-01-23 V1.0.4 Cleanup memory allocation, bugfixing, custom file extension, support for mimetype graphic/x-xbitmap, documentation about index and statistics
1999-04-06 V1.0.5 Bugfixing for mime and multiple recipents.

Last changes done 2000-07-30