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WMF is a tool to convert emails to HTML and make index files (author, data, subject, thread). Of course there are other programs making the same, but here are some points which not all have:
  • correct threading with/without level limitation
  • Some little mime support
  • quoted-printable text encoding
  • HomePage-Hyperlink (X-URL)
  • faces support
  • break indexes in different pages to make them smaller (don't break between threads)
  • index time limitation (older mail dissapears from the index)
  • Support Base64 and uuencode
  • Save attachments as files
  • Extended configuration
  • Frame support
  • Statistic page
Of course there are some points which this program currently not has. Take a look to the ToDo section.

To see where to get the sources or more infos go to the Links.

Last changes done 2000-07-30